• TL MEDIA Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom System 6008M with Base Station, 8 Beltpacks & Headsets

TL MEDIA Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom System 6008M with Base Station, 8 Beltpacks & Headsets

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TL MEDIA Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom System  6008M with Base Station, 8 Beltpacks & Headsets

1-to-8 Wireless Intercom System


This wireless 8-way full duplex intercom system is a professional director intercom system for broadcast and television industry. 

The device allows director and crews to talk with each other simultaneously. The crew can be divided into groups according to their departments. 

The director can choose the group he wants to talk with. Each group can conduct internal communication simultaneously without disturbing others. 

Standard Kit Includes

l  Base Station * 1PC,

l  Belt Packs * 8PCS,

l  Microphone * 1PC,

l  Headphone * 9PCS,

l  Air Cases* 3PCS


Optional Items

Wireless Tally Light

Switcher Connection Cable

Black Magic Converter Box

Riedel Converter Cable


Base Station specifications


1. The frequency range is 400-470Mhz, the transmission distance is 2km without    

relaying. The signal could through 6 to 8 layers of concrete wall.


2. The transmitting Power is less than 1 Watt.


3. The Base Station dimension is 440x255x44mm and the weight is about 2kg.


4. Supports individual call, group call and random call. 


5. Supports 99 extensions at most.


6. The channel quantity is 90.


7. The sensitivity is -107dbm.


8. The transmit speed in the air is 100Kbps.


9. Encryption is 32 bit communication password.


10. Digital language coding 8k. Sampling frequency is 16 bits accuracy.


11. Designed with LCD alert function. Remind the photographer to be noted.


Beltpack specifications


1. 1.4 inch LCD. Tally signal available. 


2. Adjustable for channel, noise level, beltpack number, group number, etc. 


3. Special XLR earphone port.


4. Beltpack dimension is 25x70x102mm, weight is 220g.


5. Designed with 3.7V and 5000mAh built-in Li-ion battery. Continuously work 10 to


12 hours. Standby 15 days or more. Standby power is 40mW / 10mA.


Wireless tally light specifications


1. Designed with 10 degree luminance. It is conspicuous under hard light.


2. The duration time is about 10 to 30 hours.


3. Consist of many LED array with red and green color.


4. Supports many fixture types such as Multi Interface Shoe, bandage etc.


5. Supports all master control switcher tally signal.


Director unilateral earphone specifications


Lower background sound. Clear voice at noisy circumstance. The microphone


sensitivity is -50DB. The impedance is 200 ohm. The speaker impedance is 32 ohm.


Microphone specifications


Clear voice. Shield background sound.

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